Environnement - The BIODe Label

SAMCO is introducing the exclusive BIODè capsules. Through a strategic decision to follow an ecological and technologically state-of-the-art company policy, SAMFET offers its clients and distributors an excellent coffee in capsules that protect the environment and preserve the taste of the product that they contain. The technical characteristics of BIODe "SAMCO Espresso Italiano" capsules are protected by a European patent.

BIODè capsules:

  • do not use natural products like corn, rice or cereals that, in general, reduce important natural resources destined for the food industry;
  • once used, they immediately begin to BIODEGRADE as soon as they come in contact with wet undifferentiated waste;
  • exalt the qualities of the product, whether they contain coffee, infusions or soluble products;
  • enable the combination of best price for coffee with respect for the environment and a guarantee of excellent personalized service for every customers.


Technically, the technology used in BIODè capsules:

  • conforms to all approved international standards (ASTM, ISO, FDA, SCF and EFSA);
  • is certified biodegradable in conformity with the European Directive 94/62/EC, succeeding the test required by ISO 14 855;
  • conforms to alimentary certification;
  • conforms to the directives on the release of heavy metals;
  • is compatible with the technical requirements for capsules made of standard materials;
  • compared to normal plastic or coupled aluminum capsules which are biodegradable in from 100 to 1000 years, BIODè capsules become completely biodegradable within 3 years.