Accessories by SAMCO
OSCAR is an innovative system for use in our coffee machines to validate the warranty. With a fully reliable use, it provides ideal bacteriostatic conditions for up to 150 liters of treated water. The materials used to manufacture guarantee full compliance with hygiene standards / international health.
Pure design creation of SAMFET, the coffee or cappuccino cup E'QUILIBRE has its name inspired from its saucer hollow, original and practical. This provides a magical setting that makes your gourmet break easier, allowing the maintenance of temperature and extolling the taste and fragrance of a real coffee.
Another exclusive design and original signed SAMFET for the coffee or cappuccino cup E'LEGANCE: ideal compromise between classicism and linear shapes, making it a true "glamorous" object. Refined and essential, it is the perfect complement to enjoy the fun in style of an excellent coffee.